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Browser Paranoia is a state of mind in which you always exit your browser window every time you leave the computer. This usually happens out of fear of someone else coming to the computer and jumping to conclusions after they see what you've been looking up.
You- "Oh man-- I gotta whiz. Better close all my browser windows; this damn Browser Paranoia's killin' me!"
by geosullivan222 June 22, 2013
The prestige level in Call of Duty that only hackers and gods can get to. The symbol for eleventh prestige is a golden hand holding up its middle finger.
C.O.D player #1: Holy shit this guy's prestige symbol is a hand giving everybody the bird! I wonder what prestige that is?
C.O.D player #2: That's eleventh prestige man.
C.O.D player #1: I thought that ten was the Max prestige?
C.O.D player #2: It is. This guy's a hacker, NOOB.
C.O.D player #1: Oh. How do you fire again?
by geosullivan222 July 02, 2013

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