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wellllllllll...itsa cow made out od=f cheese cuz he touched a cursed thingy that made the first living thing touch it turn to cheese. So It wanderes the earth in search of a blue cheese cow. Very ferocious. DO NOT ATEMPT TO EAT IT!
OMG! ITSA CHEESE COW! QUICK HOLD MY SIGN! IM GONNA GO EAT IT! (other guy takes the guys signs that reads I'M STUPID)
by georgton November 23, 2004
that elephant just..aw garfuncle...my muffin ran up a tree and ran into a cat!
*some says aw Q* that was random...
by georgton November 18, 2004
jump on a rake and grab Mr.Hamel's mustache and pink bucket your duck while in your cake house. comes from the Lucanese word rake slaying
once i was a treehouse, i lived in a cake! but i never understood the way the orange slayed the rake!
by georgton November 12, 2004
Where ppl with no life create a little cartoon person and go to places to play their osngs if they can get in. Ppl with no life can go to meet other ppl with no life and make friends. But it is overall a site for ppl with no life whatsoever.WARNING: DO NOT GO ON UNLESS YOU A NERDDEXTER WITHOUT A LIFE!
Katey:Do you go on coke music?!?
Katey: Wow, that just proves you have no life.
by georgton December 02, 2004

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