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When ever you know your about to ball on a nigga in basketball and you tell it to them or someone tells em for you.
A nigga you bout to get crossed cause im bout to wet it.

DJ Mbenga "A yo Farmer kobe bout to wet it on you in practice with yo bitch ass."
#wet #basketball #kobe #lebron #it
by georgewkushhh June 29, 2010
Some who steals wack ass ideas.
Yo nigga lets steal "teach me how to Jerk"
Aight what our name gonna be?
"Cali Dick suckers?"
Na how bout cali swag district?,
Aight and yo Audio push is wack cause they arent swag jackers
#swag #dougie #jerk #cali #jackers
by georgewkushhh June 29, 2010
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