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5 definitions by george of the jungle

From the movie "50 First Dates". Implying a lustful one night stand where the woman doesn't know what hit her.
He gave her the waikikiki sneaky between the cheeky under the bleachers after football practice.
by George of the Jungle September 06, 2004
the action of twisting someones nipples in an effort to cause pain.
the attacker will usually shout "nipple gripple"
hey bob... NIPPLE GRIPPLE. ha ha
by george of the jungle June 18, 2004
A slang reference to sucking on the breasts for sexual enjoyment.
After a long day of work, I love to come home for a boobie snack.
by George of the Jungle September 30, 2004
snitch, tattle tail, brown noser, all out loser,
Being the yetter he is he will go far within the company
by george of the jungle March 17, 2004
A big fat old hag woman who likes to shove pretzel sticks up her Urethra, also she sometimes uses corn dogs.
Oh she's so mean, she must be a lyanni.
by George Of The Jungle October 21, 2014