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when somebody takes your stone out, it means that they make you so angry that you want to start a fight
ralf: yesterday after class, my classmates started bothering me by saying i was homosexual. tom: don't pay attention. they just want to take your stone out.
by george blind March 25, 2010
when your tv, computer, stereo or any other appliance break down, and you have no money to buy a newspaper or magazine
antony: brian. why do you look so blue? brian: i have a serious media depression case. my computer, tv and stereo just broke down and i'm totally broke. so i can't even buy a magacine or newspaper.
by george blind February 24, 2010
a computer program that allows a blind or visually impaired person to use the machine by interpreting the text that appears on the screen and transforming it into a voice that can be heard through the speaker.
anny: tomorrow i will go to miami and visit my best friend. i will write an email to her tonight. jim: how can you write an email if you're blind? anny: well, i have a screen reader installed on my computer, so i can listen to everything i type and every message coming from the system.
by george blind June 20, 2010

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