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15 definitions by george vespe

When everyone and everything in your life conspires to orchestrate a situation that is really shit.
2005 was one long shit symphony.
by George Vespe May 09, 2008
10 3
A woman who arrives in your life all hot and wet, and then leaves with your house and car.
I didn't realise she was a Hurricane Jane when I married her.
by George Vespe May 10, 2008
6 1
A heraldic device symbolising sexual potency, an erect penis.
After several bottles of Spanish wine, the professor found that a squid rampant was a brave thing to aspire to.
by George Vespe May 01, 2008
5 1
Blow job; to go a long way south and eat at the tip of Florida.
I woke up on Sunday morning with an erection, and I asked my companion if she fancied lunch in Miami.
by George Vespe May 06, 2008
4 1
Heraldic device, symbolising unwillingness to engage in sexual acts.
"And we can see from the Stoat Reluctant in the coat of arms, that the second Earl was a cuckold" said the professor.
by George Vespe May 11, 2008
1 0
Heradic device, symbolising a lack of hygiene on the female line.
"And the beaver pungent informs us the the third Lady Whelkingham was a stranger to soap" explained the professor.
by George Vespe May 11, 2008
1 1
Specialist form of Tutonic Bukkake, filmed with a very obliging frau.
Helga is a dirty scrubber, and likes nothing better than to star in a bit of Uber Alice in the evenings.
by George Vespe May 07, 2008
6 6