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The shitiest excuse for a Mario Bros. game EVER. Luigi would be so cool if they didnt shaft him with shitty lead roles such as finding his bigger brother or riding a mansion of ghosts, See Luigi's Mansion
Dude I rented Mario is Missing totally thinking that it was going to be awesome that Luigi got his own game, but it totally turned out to be doodootaculus
by George Hoefer March 29, 2005
One of the most diverse characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee. Flat little pancake throwing bastard. Funny How whenever the random numbered hamer hits anyone else its a one, but it is always a nine for me. EVERY TIME.
Fuck you Mr. Game & Watch....except for the fact you look cool as balls when you are metal.
by George Hoefer April 13, 2005
Cheap bastard children of Nintendos drunking night with an icelandic whore...one of the cheapest characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee
Fucking Ice Climbers picking up two items at once!!!
by George Hoefer April 01, 2005
something that totaly sucks ass...like ham and cheese hotpockets
Tim: Hey man did you ever get that raise at work?
Kyle: Nah
Tim: Aw, that's doodootaculus
Kyle: No kidding, now leave me to sulk and eat my ham & cheese hotpocket
by George Hoefer March 23, 2005
A belief that everything bad that will happen, will happen to Will. Whatever Will does Will gets the shaft. Quite amuzing to be around when Will's Law takes affect.
Will: I dropped my milk and got kicked out of Kroger for a year. :L

George: Really?! I dropped mine too but they gave me a hundred dollars...wierd.

Will: GAH!
by George Hoefer April 22, 2005
A word spaning from my own brothers mouth, that i used in reference to Sascha at Roswell's Home Coming Dance
Sascha: I'm ditching you for Chantal
Me: Good I wouldn't want to go out with a fatasaurus-rex anyway...
by George Hoefer March 07, 2005
Almost like survival mode, only like when you are totaly determined to kick someones ass.
I died because Taylor is a cheap bastard and waited for me on the edge, so I went into kick your ass mode
by George Hoefer March 17, 2005
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