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Superb, excellent, great, etc. 'LovelyJubbly' was originally an advertising slogan for 'Jubbly', a triangular-shaped frozen orange drink which was popular in the 1950s and 60s. Later popularized by the character 'Del Boy' the street trader who bough and sold anything and everything that might make a prof-fit, even if it was a bit risky " one day Rodney we'll be millionaires" in the British sitcom 'Only fools and Horses'.

Rodney: "'Ere Del Boy, geezer over there says he'll give you a pony for the Betamax video recorder if you throw in a case of that Yugoslavian Scotch."
Del: "LovelyJubbly!" www.lovelyjubbly.com
by geordiewhiz April 18, 2011

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