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The display of very aggressive attitude.
"I understand your disappointment, but tone down your aggrotude or I'll have you removed by security!"
by genxjedi September 22, 2009
(verb), to yank-out; (noun), a yank-out; or to pull out all the stops or any reservations; to not hold back.

- usually associated with Americans internationally, and can be used affectionately when a person stands out of crowd for having attempted something outstanding without reservation; but can be used to describe anyone who behaves badly in public, especially internationally. When a person freaks out or gets real stroppy to make or win a point in an over zealous manner or in an in-your-face aggressive way.
"That kid and his sister went all out in that three-legged race! They pulled out all the stoppers!"

"Yeah, they yanked out.!"

"Did you serve that fellow?"

"Yeah, I did because he yanked-out over the bad service."

"That woman argued the point to death." I know, everyone was watching. It was a real shameful yank-out!"
by genxjedi September 16, 2009
Sex with an obese someone or a someone who is heavier than a person would normally appreciate, and with whom sex is just sex with a fatty.
"Hey, are you gonna start dating him?"

"Nope. Sometimes a girl needs a pig fuck or pig root or hog fuck or hog root.

"I know. My boss is heavy, and she was my pig fuck. Never again!!"
by genxjedi August 25, 2009
Noun: The computer or laptop or any other device used to cruise the internet.
Is that your notebook? Yup, it's fast and it serves as my cyber ship that I use to surf the web.
by genxjedi March 09, 2010
From the term, 'best foot forward'. A person's best foot or favourite foot.

An athlete's best or preferred foot, either as a lead/front foot or a back foot that allows for optimal performance.
"Tomorrow's your first day of work. Sugar foot in there. You'll do well."

"That mid-fielder kicked with his left foot, and nearly put the ball past the goalie. That's not usually his sugar foot."

"I got a right sugar foot. I jump higher and run faster with it because it pushes harder than my left."
by genxjedi September 03, 2009
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