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ROFL is short for: Rolling on the floor laughing. Straining the fact that it is a lot more funny than your usual lol.
I just bitch smacked my friend!
by Genocide April 11, 2003
Something so funny, bizzare, or outrageous that it stops being funny and becomes CHOMEDY.
1. Oh my god, my Guinea Pig doing the crip walk was CHOMEDY.
2. That film The Burbs is pure CHOMEDY.
3. Dude, you remember when we made that fat chick do the truffle shuffle for cheesecake? CHOMEDY.
by Genocide April 16, 2004
Means go fuck yourself.
"you know what man... boohagalah!!!"
by Genocide May 16, 2004
A word KillJoy stole from me, which is a synonym for "good" "cool" "bad ass" "sick" "awesome" or any other word implying something good. Derived from the word "owned". Copyright CAOGenocide 2000.
"I was having sex with your mom last night and your dad walked in, so I beat his ass and then continued screwing your mom. It was ownish"
by Genocide March 24, 2003
A person who plays CS badly
I don't want to play with you, you changer
by genocide September 14, 2004
a twenty dollar marijuana sack.
the officer confiscated a dutch and a gerb, then arrested the suspect for possesion.
by genocide October 09, 2003
Verb - To be prodded in an orifice, either figuratively or nonfiguratively. This is useally done behind a computer by one who is really a little girl with a big mouth and no gaul. Can cause dry skin and rashes.
past tense - OH MY GOD DUDE, what happend to the back of your pants? Did you get Roached?
by Genocide January 18, 2004

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