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1. being sexually attracted to or
2. sexually active with the self
etymology: latin, sui- self; english~sexual
1. I swear my roommate is a suisexual. She just sits there in front of the mirror, obviously turned on by her own lingere clad body.
2.I dont have a girlfriend right now, so basically im just suisexual.
by genna buzz April 04, 2005
pissing in the direction of another guy, mutually
You would not believe what I saw last night when I came home. Billy and Bobby were swordfighting all over the place.
by genna buzz April 04, 2005
1. a gay freshman
(swordfighting, a gay act+
fish, freshman)
1. Oh wow, you cant ask him on a date! He's a swordfish; cant you tell?
by genna buzz April 04, 2005

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