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A girl or guy who needs some
Jenna: Get in me NOW!
by Genevieve May 27, 2004
Someone who doesn't want to be DEFINED by their membership in a clique! A person who talks to EVERYONE instead of joining a group and then being a part of the hatred and rivalry between cliques.
Don't join in the hate, come be a clique hopper with me.
by genevieve December 02, 2004
Your pinyot is so big and hard.
by Genevieve March 20, 2003
A person who just seems to collect friends, to the point that it's like she's farming them. (i.e. She has so many friends that they're just like possessions, or livestock, to her now.)
Jacqueline has so many friends, but she doesn't even really talk to half of them; it's so obvious she's just trying to be popular. What a friend farmer.
by genevieve December 02, 2004
A break dancer who does "pop and lock" moves. Can also describe, but not as often, a raver's "popping" type of dance where they bounce on the balls of their toes.
That guy in the Black Eyed Peas is an ill popper.
by Genevieve August 31, 2004
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