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A really cool ans nice person. She is friendly and always there to help!
Me: I'm sad...

Millie: *hug*

Me: *is happy*
by generic person March 27, 2005
The best character in tekken. He has the most powerful moves and even a devil form. God knows why Heihachi always beats him...
Heihachi: let's see what you got

Kazuya: *10 hit combo*

by generic person March 27, 2005
an insult to proper metal. This new stuff is shit. People need to lsiten to the older stuff. It is miles better than this crap. These guys need to listen to proper metal! Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue all pwn nu-metal
Weirdo: Linkin Park fucking rock!

Me: *hands weirdo a copy of Bark At The Moon* listen to that!
by generic person March 22, 2005
just another crap nu-metal band. Ozzy Osbourne is so much better than any new band. You guys gotta listen to some good stuff...
Black Sabbath>trapt
Proper Metal>trapt
by generic person March 22, 2005

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