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Used to describe an arkward silence in conversation.

"Every Arkward silence, A gay baby is born" is how the saying supposedly goes.
"ooo, a gay baby was just born"
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
An arbitary term used in answer to many questions or requests. A word that can be used, often randomly in any situation.
"whats that new game like?"
"Your Face"
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
1. A term used to describe someone who has given up on their current year in school and plans to retake it.
2. A person who gave up last year and is in classes with people a year younger, having dropped back.
"whos that older kid in the room?"
"Thats the retake"
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
Able to use any hand, any place, any time.

Like ambidextrus, but better.
You see that? I can do that because I am Omnidextrus
by General Spoon May 04, 2008
A phrase used in theatre by the technical team to signal the end of any task
"thats done, now to the pub!
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
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