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the Hottest Girl in the World... she's the light of my life lol...no really i don't know what i'd do without her...my bf for life...she blows my mindl lol
Giulia looks to sexy in her duna-duna pants
by Gen February 22, 2003
A hastily assembled, often half-assed shelter. Hobos often live in shantys. Poor people in crappy countries often build entire shanty-towns. Pirates also make Shantys out of leaves, sticks and other things, on islands, to sleep in.
I shall fashion a shanty from discarded cardboard and dwell within it.
by Gen December 07, 2003
spanish - cunt (literally translated as 'clam')
"le comi la almeja" which means "I licked her cunt"
by gen October 06, 2003
pub + suffix -age
a public house - a place of business where alcoholic beverages are sold and drunk.
im just goin down to the pubbage to get pissed in the hope that my problems magically dissappear.
by gen October 06, 2003
1. (informal.) diet coke
2. an unnaturally small penis, usually found only on midgets.
1. hey DaNaGe gemme a diet cockage (see -age, gemme)
2. wow that guy has a diet cock ! (ill remember that next time im trying to lose weight.)
by gen October 06, 2003
The l3etest more rox0rsiest mothRe BEEP playa you'll ever see in 2k3, his favorite hobbies are touching viper's weiner and humping vendetta's leg. He's quite skilled at both of them...and his good at 2k3 also i guess =\/
Viper's Weiner Toucher
by Gen January 20, 2004
Top gosu player of broodwar and warcraft III. He seems to be a little bit unknown, that's because he isn't looking for fame. GOGO MAXIWEB
damn that's maxiweb... you know? the gosu...
by Gen June 07, 2003

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