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A huge desire to smell, lick, touch, taste, see, suck, female feet.
Gemma told me to lay under her feet, she then rubbed her socked feet under my nose, the smell almost made me cum, soon her socks were off and i was lucky enough to have my face buried in the soles of her feet, i enjoyed it so much i knew i had a foot fetish
by gemma's foot slave March 03, 2005
A huge desire to lick, smell, touch, taste, see, female feet.
Gemma took off her flip flops and pointed to them, after i had licked the sweat off them, i stripped naked and buried my face under her soles, the smell was simply divine, after she even let me eat her toe dirt.
by gemma's foot slave March 03, 2005
treating female feet like the godly things they are
every week i pedicure geamma's tiny feet, this involves, filing, painting etc, i love giving her peds a good ped as i smell her toes as i work
by gemma's foot slave April 21, 2005
A person who is lucky enough to devote his life to worshiping his mistress' feet. He lives only to serve her feet.
Gemma had loved having her own footslave, she teased him, she whipped him for not licking her toes properly and she tortured him. But he loved being under her sweaty feet all day as he had a foot fetish.
by gemma's foot slave April 19, 2005
a girl jerking off a man's cock with her cute shoes
gemma was wearing tan court shoes, which she masturbated my cock with
by gemma's foot slave April 21, 2005
a person who worships the toes of a female
i live only to lick and suck gemma's little toes, she giggled as she knew i would do anything to sniff her toes, i am not allowed to lick any other part of her foot.
by gemma's foot slave April 18, 2005
the sexiest sandals a girl can beacuse the foot is almost naked
Clip clop, i heard gemma arrive wearing cute pink flip flops, when she took them off she invited me to lick the sweat off her flip flops, i was more than happy, i love the smell of her sneakers too
by gemma's foot slave April 18, 2005

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