15 definitions by gemma's foot slave

The edible substance found in between female toes.
Gemma had been on her feet all day wearing socks and sneakers, she took off her socks and in between her toes was toejam, she asked me to eat it, as i did i came in my pants.
by gemma's foot slave March 04, 2005
a desire for the smell of female socks
gemma removed her socks, they smelled amazing when she rubbed them in my nose
by gemma's foot slave March 05, 2005
a women who has a foot slave and allows him to worship her feet, ie kissing each toe, licking her soles, eating her toejam
mistress gemma wanted to punish her foot slave so took off her boots and smothered his with her sweaty soles, the slave was in heaven, she even then made him masturbate over her smelly socks
by gemma's foot slave April 18, 2005
the round sexiest part of a womens foot.
katy let me lick the sweat of her round heel
by gemma's foot slave March 05, 2005
An instrument used to smell female toes with.
She took off her flip flops and waved her toes under my nose, the aroma was heaven, she truly has smelly feet, i love them.
by gemma's foot slave March 04, 2005
A sexy bit of skin found on the end of (usually female) toes.
be a good boy and i might let you paint my toenails said gemmaa
by gemma's foot slave March 05, 2005
shoes worn by females, sports type
gemma had worn her sneakers all day without socks, she took off her sneakers and her toes smelled amazing, i just wanted to eat her sweet cute little toes
by gemma's foot slave April 19, 2005

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