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1 definition by geezy123

Asians are just people from Asia.
I know some can have their ego or can be very annoying. But that's just individual, because not everybody hates asians.
And the jokes about tiny eyes, small penises, bad driving dont make sense, this is just judging about all asians, when it isnt even true, like, have you seen how all asians drive? This is impossible, because there are too many asians to control them. And the penises, even when they are SMALLER, why would you care, are you gay, our sizes is none of your business? And with the eyes, we can see enough. Thinking like this is just fking up the worldpeace. The Asians who think they're cool, and say like Azn4life and put "azn"in their in-game-name, and type with caps and normal letters, are just stupid. But that doesn't mean all asians do that. I've never seen a dutch asian doing that so much, so problably it's only in America,or different on all places, which make you white people or whatever having a bad impression about asia and their people.
Asians exists and you can't do anything about it, except accepting the fact that they exist. In the netherlands the white people problably think way different about asian than you americans. Which is, they're often nicer,that's what i can say by comparing.Maybe they can think the same way, but they're not that sad and pathetic to put the definitions in a dictionary, like what the hell? All this bullshyt just doesn't make sense. Asians are just people from asia, not more. There can be those annoying asians, but there are annoying white people, black people etc. too. So you don't even have the right to say such things about asians, when you can't even correct your own people. Changes start by yourself and then you can change others.

I'm an asian, i know what the rest of them do wrong, you accuse them of being ego, so i didn't become ego, want me to socialize? i'll do it, im an easy going person, so i didnt't do the same, i live like a dutch person, so everyone accepts and loves me the way i am and the way i look like.

We are who we are,
we do what we do,
we live like how we want to live, ego or social,
if you can't accept this, then ignore it.
Like i said, Asians are just people. like the rest of the world. But there are always the ones who act and live on another way.
White guy: Hey asians, chinky people!
Asian: Shut up! Did i say anything about u?.
White guy: Ohh sikee, you're right, i'm sorry.
Asian: It's okay, but i'll chop your head next time.
by geezy123 January 18, 2009