10 definitions by geezerdk

A state of having undead saggy breasts.
Has she got 2 sets of kneecaps?

No, she's got a bad case of raccoon titty.
by geezerdk January 05, 2012
An ugly woman. Refers purely to her facial characteristics. Her body can still be worthy. For best results take her while hanging out the back. Don't tell your mates though, they've probably already been there.

This word can be shouted out loud if one encounters a moosehead.
by geezerdk January 02, 2012
A man who enjoys watching younger males shower. Most Willy Watchers are employed in public schools as P.E. teachers.
That Mr. Andersen always seems to be in the changing rooms after P.E. He is fucking creepy, that Willy Watcher.
by geezerdk January 02, 2012

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