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black/brown Nappy chest hairs in small naps looking like the beef of a taco
Damn that nigga gee has no taco meat
by gee October 20, 2003
'chav face' is an insult to be used against any townie/chav, as both of these species (townie/chav)are stupied and dont understand this insult. it is basicly telling them they are the biggest chav in the whole universe, which in its self, is the worst insult any one could give.
chav: com den man, com den init ill beat u up

'other person': shut up you stupied chav face.

chav: whaaat?> dont use ur big words on me! i dont know wat dey mean dus i man!
by gee March 27, 2005
One eighth Asian
Lucy's mom is Quasian. Her dad is white. Therefore, she is eighsian.
by Gee November 16, 2003
A nocturnal creature that consumes Dulce de Leche ice cream by Haagen Dazs while singing off key on the computer microphone. Answers to the name "Gee" or "Sophia"
uneekstylez is dope.
by Gee December 09, 2003
Quarter Asian
Jims dad is hasian. His mom is white. Therefore, he is quasian.
by Gee November 16, 2003
A half Asian
Jenny's Dad is British, and her mom is Chinese. Therefore, she is hasian.
by Gee November 16, 2003
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