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2 definitions by geddon97

A legendary creature that lurks in the wilderness and feeds on men's souls.Thought to be a cross between a succubus and a floosy.Known diet consists of diet Mountain Dews,Slim Jims,Menthol cigarettes and Men's souls.Predominately located in North Alabama but have been known to roam in Northern Georgia and Southern Tennessee.Gives off an aroma of Charlie and cigarettes.
The henchbroad lured my best friend into her trap and swallowed his soul.
by geddon97 January 03, 2010
A complex suffered by Obese women between the ages of 19 to 26 who have Daddy Issues. Although not life threatening researchers have advised those who are afflicted to ride it out and enjoy the "High Jinks"
Claire has suffered from Lewis Complex since her Father refused to let her enter the pie eating contest.
by geddon97 November 21, 2013