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to adjust any knob, dial, button, etc. in such a fashion that could impact the correct operation of any machine, device, or apparatus.(i.e. moving a knob too quickly or too often)
The pilot was knob dickin' stuff in the cockpit because he had too much extra time on his hands & broke the light switch off.
by gecko45 April 25, 2008
The ultimate sword that is folded over 9000 times, It can deflect multiple .50BMG bullets and up to a 155mm howitzer round without warping, bending or shattering, It can cut through the armor of a M1A2 Abrams tank and it will make your penis noticeably larger.
They are often wielded by Weeaboo's, Wapanese and Japanophiles in modern times, In ancient times they were worn by the elite Samurai class and any Anime character of the era.
Any rumors that they can't deflect bullets and disintegration rays are completely unfounded, It's also a myth that they are made of cheap pig iron, They are made with unobtainium and steel called Tamahagane.
A US GI fired his M1919 .30cal machine gun at the approaching samurai warrior but he deflected all the shots with his Katana, cut the barrel in half and cut the soldier in half firing it all under 0.5 seconds.
by Gecko45 January 22, 2015

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