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2 definitions by geat

A generic term used (most commonly) by a man when in trouble with his partner, unable to work out why, and having to speculate on the event he has, presumably, forgotten.
Phil: "Happy... Valenbirthiversary!"
by Geat February 14, 2012
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A word to say somebody, somthing or someone is EG:gay fagit shithead bolix etc.
Its basicly swearing at someone without acctaualy swearing,but its funny

But it can also be used with swearwords
dude:"Hey man"
dude:"Hey man"
dude:"Hey man"
dude2:"Shut up bumflake"
dude:"wanna go somewere?"
dude:"hey you wanna go somewere!"
dude2:"Shut up you fucking bumflake, go kill yourself"
by geat September 22, 2007
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