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3 definitions by gazamano

see you in a bit, but more common..
Terrance: Goodbye Matthew
Matthew: Sinabit you son of a gun
by gazamano May 12, 2010
be right back, gone for a wank
Kate: ... What are you doing?
Tom: brbgfaw..gawddd
by gazamano May 11, 2010
The term used to describe the act of curling up into a ball after an embarrsing or painfull events. It's primary function is to block out reality untill the event has been forgotten by the people who witnessed it. A state of resetting can last any length of time as usually makes the situation alot more embarrasing.
Nat: *falls down the last two steps and curls up into a ball to block out reality*
Daz: Lol, RESETTING sinabit Nat.
by gazamano May 12, 2010