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2 definitions by gaypalmsprings

The most proficient poster on music forums, for example the Coachella Music Festival forum. Such a person has over 30,000 posts per forum and is commonly referred to as a "Message Board Addict." The person is prone to making thoughtful, insightful comments about everything, and loves to correct everyone. What's not to love?
WTF you talkin' about? You are no suprefan, bitch.
by gaypalmsprings July 20, 2010
Similar to a cock throb, cock twitch, chubbie, or chubster, it's when a man's penis undergoes vasocongestion. It is the swelling of the penis by increased vascular blood flow and a localized increase in blood pressure. Typical causes include sexual arousal, strong emotions, allergic reactions, and dancing too fast. Dick pulses are funny but never talked about and I'm sure a few ladies have seen and appreciated a good dick pulse every now and then.
OMG did you see her legs? I think I just got a dick pulse." or "We're hitting the road to the Coachella Music Festival. I think I just got a dick pulse.
by gaypalmsprings February 13, 2011