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A term most often used in communities of color to describe people with same sex attractions since gay, homosexual, bisexual or lesbian can carry negative connotations to some people.
"Instead of gay or bisexual, Beth much preferred the term 'same gender loving' to describe her sexuality."
by gayinchitown72 June 24, 2006
Rudely used as a form of derision in place of wonderful or great. Often has the addition of the word "fucking" between the syllables for additional emphasis.
“Well, isn’t that just heterofuckingtastic/heterotastic. My hard drive just crashed.”
by gayinchitown72 June 24, 2006
Rude term for describing someone who is straight yet is still found to be attractive to a same-gender loving individual.
“Hey, check her out! She is breedolicious. It's such a shame she’s straight.”
by gayinchitown72 June 24, 2006
When traditionally gay neighbourhoods attract straight tenants and property holders, driving out long time residents of the community or increasing the property values to the extent that the average gay person can no longer afford to live there.
"Local residents were upset that many businesses were closing and moving to other neighborhoods due to the straightrification of the traditionally gay area."
by gayinchitown72 June 24, 2006
Stemming from a fear of emotional and/or physical safety, Heterophobia is the sometimes irrational fear of straight people by some gay people brought about by many years of oppression, verbal and physical abuse from the majority onto the minority.
"Jon's heterophobia manifested itself as fear for his physical safety when he would go to places he knew to be predominantly full of straight people he wouldn't know."
by gayinchitown72 June 24, 2006
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