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a natural sexual phenomenon made pleasureable by god's ideal placement of the prostate gland. spontaneous orgasm is quicky induced in both parties when the erect shaft of one man is thrust into the anus of another. moderate stimulation of the prostate in this manner can lead to intense pleasure, create a sense of inner peacefulness, help to regulate the digestive system, and lower the risk of prostate cancer.
men can enjoy gay intercourse without actually being homosexual.

"Hi cute straight guy, let me enhance our life with gay intercourse."
by gay_clay May 16, 2004
1. The suffering and general lack of energy/ambition that sometimes results from living the lifestyle of a gay man. Can be induced by homophobia, excessive grooming, closet living, etc.

2. When straight people get tired of dealing with gays and the gay lifestyle. A straight man with a gay roommate may often feel gay fatigue.
1. "Hello, I can't come to work today, I am suffering from gay fatigue."

2. Scott become weary with gay fatigue after overhearing yet another conversation about ass-fucking
by gay_clay November 22, 2004
The act of taking an ambiguos cutie on a tour of your house during a party and then performing fellatio on him in the unfinished basement. The term can be applied to any sexual activity performed at a party without the guests knowing.
Amber took Andrew downstairs for a Dirty McCormick.
by gay_clay October 21, 2004

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