16 definitions by gay

To win a game of scrabble
"I have kamended a game of scrabble."
by Gay November 28, 2003
pretty much started a whole trend, now you have fags everywhere thinking theyre hackers because they can spell words with numbers in them
you suck the l337 cock.
by gay June 05, 2003
gay fag who likes to suck balls. his moms balls.
rui kojima sucks balls
by gay April 03, 2003
A thick as hell twat that slides around all day on his own bullshit. he commonly gets raped by his dad.
Ha ha look at that thicko he must be howlett
by Gay September 16, 2003
put them back fuckers
i liked having those
by gay July 20, 2003
by gay September 09, 2003
one who is in love with the face
his nose, his eyes, his ears..ooohhh im a facist!!!
by gay May 12, 2003

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