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A final send off to a man whose wife is about to have a baby, marking the official end of his social life for roughly 18 years. Babychelorette - female version
We're taking Dino out and getting him fucked up for his babychelor party on Saturday night because Anna is due next week.
by garny29 October 02, 2013
someone who creates, defines, and publishes new words to help expand other people's vocabularies.
I created the word ganguage before anyone else so I'm a mother fuckin' wordician.
by garny29 December 13, 2010
(Gang Language) words commonly used by gangs. Usually abbreviated real words with multiple double letters acting as code to the "homies".

i.e. dubbin' (ridin' on 20's) , fo' shizzle (for sure), ipizzle (ipod), etc.
My coworker uses ganguage on facebook to distinguish locations of secret parties.
by garny29 December 08, 2010

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