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Term used for heroing (blow is cocaine... blows are heroin) in powder form that is insufflated.
"Dude, we went up to the tip and got some blows."
by gardenofsound September 26, 2004
The quirky, awesome, unique, often atonal guitarist from the band, Primus. Real name is Larry LaLonde, but everyone knows him as "Ler". Plays PRS, Gibson, and Fender guitars through Vox and Marshall amps.
Ler LaLonde is such an awesome guitarist, and I heard he's really funny also.
by gardenofsound September 28, 2004
to blow - (v)- the act of snorting a drug, be it blow (cocaine), blows (heroin), or any other powdered drug that can be taken through the nose.
I blow 3 fat ass rails of that shit man... per day!
by gardenofsound September 26, 2004

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