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A chick with a hell of a nice body and face, but her boots are Uggs.
She looked real good...but her boots (butterboots)
by gap tooth grin February 23, 2010
One who follows religiously, but does not participate in "jam sessions" performed by "jam bands." These individuals are often adorned in tie-dyed apparel, hemp accessories, and Birkenstock sandals. The vernacular of such individuals involves such words as "yeah" and "man." Those who are most immersed in "the scene" may have a deep and passionate appreciation for crystals.
BYSTANDER #1: Do you smell a mix of patchouli and trust funds?

BYSTANDER #2: Yeah...a group of jam bandits just passed us. They've apparently been following Yonder Mountain String Band around the country for the last 3 years.
by gap tooth grin April 30, 2009
when a communication breach occurs during an IM (instant messaging) conversation, resulting either in silence, or a string of misdirected and often passive aggressive replies.
Joe235: i really like dick

Jane52: that came out of nowhere

Joe235: what do you mean? i decided the other night

Jane52: to each his own

Joe235: wait...what? you don't like him? but...you introduced us

Jane52: ahhh right, my buddy richard...this has all been a big IMisunderstanding
by gap tooth grin July 08, 2009
a question asked of someone when they're telling you something you don't want to hear.
coworker #1: "did you hear we have to have these reports done by this afternoon."

coworker #2: "are you joking me off right now?"
by gap tooth grin August 19, 2009
pulling the collar of your shirt over your nose and mouth to protect from foul odors.
"How bad is it in that Port-o-Potty?"

"You'll need an ass-mask at the very least."
by gap tooth grin December 11, 2009
when in an instant message or text conversation, the sender unintentionally screams at the recipient by leaving the capslock on. capslock + accident = capccident
"NO, I WILL NOT...whoa, capccident...sorry...
no, i will not be able to make it to the show tonight."
by gap tooth grin September 08, 2009
To fat to come back
Why would that lady eat that chili dog, doesn't she know it won't help with her weight problem?

Oh she knows...she's TFTCB she may as well throw down a fried twinkie while she's at it.
by gap tooth grin June 09, 2009

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