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The feeling of loss that comes after watching the last available episode of a television show.
"Are you ok?"

"No. I just finished the last episode of Mad Men, and I'm suffering from post season depression...you haven't seen it you wouldn't understand."
by gap tooth grin December 11, 2009
the act of obtaining a twitter account to read other's tweets without tweeting yourself. (twitter + voyeurism)
i don't know why i got a personal twitter account, i'm not nearly narcissistic enough. i guess i just do it for the twioyeurism.
by gap tooth grin July 10, 2009
the kiss that takes place as individuals say goodbye the morning after a one night stand.
person #1: ok...uh...well....I guess I should take off then, I'm late for...er...something.

person #2: oh...uh...doooo...you need to take a shower or anything?

person #1: no, no, no, that's fine. thank you though...really. it was...uh...nice...

person #2: yeah...uh...bye?

*and then the concessionary kiss takes place*
by gap tooth grin May 11, 2009
Individuals living as if every day were spring break. A lifestyle usually only afforded with the assistance of one's parents, a trust fund, or rare cases of unemployment.
person #1: why don't we go to that bar over on sixth street anymore?

person #2: the spring breakers took it over...you can't go in there without someone screaming in your ear and spraying beer all over you, plus it's impossible to get a drink cause some girl in a tube top is always climbing up on the bar with one of her friends.
by gap tooth grin May 04, 2009

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