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Chondy means cheap or rubbish.
Where did you get your Chondy trainers from ?

That tracksuits chondy did you buy it from the more store ?

I need to change out my chondy gear before someone sees.
by ganja89 September 22, 2010
Chattery is to cause a riot or fight.
Person 1: You up for a bit of chattery tonight ?

Person 2: For sure lets go break some legs.
by ganja89 September 26, 2010
A pintal is another term for a Penis.
Get your pintal oot.

That pervert got his pintal sucked by a sheep.
by ganja89 September 22, 2010
A melder is a another word for a shit.
I just took a Melder on that football pitch.

He just dropped a Melder in his pants thats foosty.

I need a Melder.
by ganja89 September 26, 2010
A device for smoking cannabis consists of a a bottle, plastic bag, sellotape
Lord cull that was a beast of a rocket i collapsed a lung.

Get e rockets filled biy.
by ganja89 September 08, 2010
A gimper is someone who thinks hes Hard and tries to be the center of attention all the time.
Look at that gimper over there trying to fight with everyone.

That gimper just sold me shit hash hes always trying to act gangster.
by ganja89 September 26, 2010
A slever is someone who talks shit or tells lies.
That fools nothing but a Slever always got somthing to say.

Shut up you Slever i never pissed myself.

That Slever tried telling me that Scotland was part of The USA.
by ganja89 September 26, 2010

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