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Main Entry: sen•su•al se•duc•tion
Pronunciation: \'sen(t)-sh(e-)wel'si-'dek-shen\
Function: noun
Etymology: d o double g
Date: 1971

1 a : title of song popularized by rapper Snoop Dogg.
1 b : the act of allowing a woman – during sex - to orgasm first.
1 a : <Yo nigga! Let’s smoke some weed and pop in the OG’s new song - Sensual Seduction.>
1 b : <I’m gonna take my time! She gonna get hers before I. I’m gonna take it slow. I’m not gonna rush to stroll. So she can get a Sensual Seduction. - Snoop Dogg>
by gangsta will January 19, 2008

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