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slang term for "gangster."
someone who is in a gang.
usually black or mexican.
not much white people cause they're bitches who snitch.

most live in the "ghetto."
not very wealthy.
the end.

btw, the picture examples are wack as fuck. those are a bunch of wansters.

you fucking dipshits:D
white boy: hello my name is timothy and i am a gangsta.

black kid: Motha fucka u insane in da motha fuckin membrane. u aint no gangsta, u'z a wanksta... ima true GANGSTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Foshizzle. lets go geeeet some asian ass now!!!
#black people #white people #mexicans #asians #drugs #crack #ghetto #sexy #blood #crip #ms13 #latin kings #brown pride #wanksters.
by gangsta expert August 16, 2009
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