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To Fat Jon something is to place something into your person orally, then, when you extricate the said object, you pick the item out of the feces and place it back in the mouth. Repeat.
Ugh! Bob loved that curly fry sooo much he Fat Jonned it!
by Gangsta March 06, 2005
condition when one gets the runs
i can feel the abra coming on now
by gangsta April 16, 2005
similar to "chooon" or tune. used when in a club/at friends house and a song comes on that you like.
eg #1

*DJ puts on "American Dream" by Children of the Corn*
Me/Friends: "FUCKING SHABOON!!! BO! BO! BO!"

eg #2

man: "That new Elton John song is a fuckin shaboon!"
brummie friend: "werd up ma cuzza"
by GANGSTA March 06, 2004
the opposite of a wigger a black person who acts white
That africasian started listening to pop today.
by Gangsta April 30, 2004
Ganxsta: a person who talks shit about someone behind their back and sucks up to them to their face. Also spends all day inside on the computer or playing video games. Also see fag or nub.
That shit head said I kicked ass, he was talking to me on the computer, what a nurb.
by Gangsta February 01, 2005
bragging to ya friends to maek em feel jealous
"hey u guess what, me and that chick, went to 6th base last night
by gangsta March 11, 2005
Miserable fucks that give up in life because some bad shit happend to them so they where all black to show their pain and the death (similar to a funeral). They also listen to screaming, banging, miserable dark music to show their horrible tragic misery. They also get body piercings in strange/painful places to show how they are so miserable that the pain in the pierced areas cant compare to their misery.
If something tragic happens in ur life, do give up, stay gangsta and errything will be fine! ight nigga!
by Gangsta August 28, 2004

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