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29 definitions by gangsta

nutsack, ballsack, cock and balls, the leg between your les and sack
1. Yo i gotta tell R. Kelly about that?
2. R. Kelly????
3. Are kelly and you gonna come over here and suck deeez nuts!?!?!!?!
by gangsta September 29, 2004
a bangla swear
dhoner bal amar
by Gangsta September 16, 2003
Telling someone not to get rude or not to try and start beef.
Oi bruv don't chuck it yeah
by Gangsta February 03, 2005
A very deep love. Enduring and never ending.
Aaron is Maritza's boppo.
by Gangsta January 27, 2005
To annoy the hell out of someone with questions.
girl-"who you was with last night? who you think you is?" boy-"yo, girl, quit strattonizing me!"
by gangsta April 23, 2003
where she get that ass from, she get it from here mama
where she learn how to dress from she get it from her mama
Her mama got ass too
by Gangsta June 28, 2003
my homies back in da hood came up with this shit. It is the paper with which you roll your weed up in.
Damn, i ran out of flags, pop me another.
by Gangsta December 13, 2004