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The sounds made in sex. For instance a orgasm scream....a moan.....Jizz splashing on the wall.... heavy breathing.......Springs of the bed..
Dude, When i caught my Gangstaette caught her friends parents fucking.....she heard battle sounds..
by Gangsta May 03, 2003
A really hot gangsta that just happens to be a girl.
Woah, the Gangstaette is so fucking hot.... I wanna spank dat monkey....
by Gangsta May 03, 2003
To be extremely gangsta
The gangsta of all gangstas
"yoo dat manz a harlene strait up"

"eh yo ... dat gurly b tryna pull a Harlene... buh she's jes a wangsta"
by Gangsta January 19, 2004
the CHS Basketball team
"Who's House?!?"
by Gangsta December 13, 2003
a person who looks like they fell out of the ugly tree and was beatin with the ugly stick for a 10 years
That girl is a ugg mugg!
by gangsta October 02, 2003
this group is off the chain. Fizz is the fine one and the shy one.
Damn B2K is fine.
by Gangsta June 24, 2003
nutsack, ballsack, cock and balls, the leg between your les and sack
1. Yo i gotta tell R. Kelly about that?
2. R. Kelly????
3. Are kelly and you gonna come over here and suck deeez nuts!?!?!!?!
by gangsta September 29, 2004

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