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A slang term which is short for "Hack". A "Hack" is any foreign process that attaches itself to another and utilizes the Read/WriteProcessMemory API functions.
Snippet from a Starcraft v1.12 Protoss Build Anywhere DLL.

.if Buildtoggle == 00h ;if toggled off
invoke WriteMem, 004BD756h, addr BuildAnyWhereOn1, 11
invoke WriteMem, 004BD7F1h, addr BuildAnyWhereOn2, 5
invoke BWTextDisplay, CTEXT ("BuildAnyWhere : Activated")
mov Buildtoggle, 01h ;toggled to on
invoke WriteMem, 004BD756h, addr BuildAnyWhereOff1, 11
invoke WriteMem, 004BD7F1h, addr BuildAnyWhereOff2, 5
invoke BWTextDisplay, CTEXT ("BuildAnyWhere : Deactivated")
mov Buildtoggle, 00h ;toggled to off hax
by gamepin126 June 13, 2006

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