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3 definitions by gameover

are ones lumps of crap around ones anus area...
clingy to pubic hair and alike....
more common in males than females...
not pleasurable in the act of oral sex...
to lick somones crap...
unless you like that sort of stuff...
(not turned on by it)oral- 'i was rimming him and i felt these things in my mouth, they were hi pieces of s**t, his dangle berries!'
(turned on)oral-'i was rimming him and i could taste this amazing sensation and realised i was licking his s**t, it made me well kinky'
general use-'yeah i bet his arse is so hairy that even his dangle berries want to break free'
generaluse2- 'doctor i need your help, my anus is so hairy its coveres in dangle berries!...what do i do?'
by gameover November 01, 2007
16 8
used in many ways,
examples are- tony blair, george w. bush, male reproductive organs and alike etc.

personally, being gay i would like a mans cock up my arse all day long if i could, i like to lick etc.
tony blair and george bush like to have gay sex regularly, eg-'i am the primeminister of the uk and you will bend over to recieve my cock OK!!!'-blair+bush
eg-'marco your the best boyfriend ever!!! especially because you have a ten inch (really he does), harder, put on some more lube!!'-me...'okay one second, will you lick it for me later, its bondage time, i wish mine was as big as yours, mines only ten..just two more inches...'-marco
by gameover November 02, 2007
15 21
often used to refer to a womans genitals, etc
vulgar language-even as bad as 'cunt'
used in interface-'yo marcus i was fisting your mothers snatch last night bro.'
used on pronsites-'hot young asian gets man to lick her snatch...'
by gameover November 02, 2007
117 126