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True butt rider. One who has no opinion and jumps on anything that looks good. Always ahead of the crowd and never loses.
has as much cell phone mins as a korean chick has ass. claims to be rich, but gets application at Target cause girlfriend tells him to.

dont ask him whats on tv cause he doesnt have cable.
Has so much money, goes to casino in the morning, before all the real ballers come out at night.

GIVES advice to young kids.

thats a RIDER3160 for real

"looks good, im in"
"i dont know, but i got some"
"Damn, you got that ghost fill... shit, you just ridered it"
"You must be perfect in life, cause you are rider3160"
"Smacked ass is another name for rider3160."
by gamble24 October 24, 2007

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