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A stinkly little town where a good day smells like burning potatoes from McCains and a bad day smells like the sewage plant and rotting bird shit from the Crescent "Lake" thats more like a mud puddle where people throw their garbage.

A place to check out the "new" PCU Centre that's already falling apart because despite paying $50,000.00 for a professional surveyor to pick the best spots to build, the city picked a spot that didn't even make the top 10 and they build on a sinking bog where there's only one bridge off so plan an extra 2 hours to get home from any event even though you only live 2-5 km away.

A town where peninsulas are called islands and bogs are called lakes.

A good place to go to get robbed and/or beheaded.
I feel like going somewhere that smells to watch a hockey game and I would like to spend more time in my car than watching the game, let's go to Portage la Prairie.

I don't really like my stuff and don't much care for my head, I'm going to Portage la Prairie.
#shit-hole #mud bucket #stink town #winnipeg suburb #where you be-headin
by gal87 August 15, 2011
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