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5 definitions by gaijin

To fuck a chick doggystyle and whisper into her ear how ugly she is or how u fucked her sister. She will then try to get away so u pull her hair and see how long u can stay in her.
by gaijin August 27, 2003
The act of leisurely browsing and downloading files out of boredom rather than need.
I didn't mean to get that midget-on-elephant porn, honey, I was just downloafing! I clicked on things without looking at them. I swear.
by Gaijin December 22, 2005
Same as (The Mummy) cept u fuck the chick from behind and pull her air straight up lifting her off the ground resulting in a Frankenstein like motion with her arms trying to reach the ground.
by gaijin August 27, 2003
N. - derivative of cootchie: female genitalia.
"Girl, I did not know that when you wear one of them G-strings, you got to shave your kootchypop first."
by Gaijin May 28, 2005
When u fuck a chick doggystyle and wrap her long hair around her face and lift her off the ground...she will then reach out to touch the ground making motions like a mummy with her face wraped up.
by gaijin August 27, 2003