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1 definition by gagotangapatal

Sabah is still a disputed area but unrecognized in some political maps, so many Filipinos immigrate there illegally. The right owners of Sabah is the Philippines...
Sabah might soon captured by Hellenic Republic (Greece), because of the big disputes in Sulu Sea, the Greek government would return Sabah to the Philippines and the Philippines would have possessions in Borneo and Turkey couldn't stop the Greeks and Filipinos by helping the Malaysians...

When this happens:
-Almost all of Malaysians in Sabah would be deported.
-Sabah would become a part of Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao..
-So Many Filipinos would be settled in Sabah..
-Some of Malaysians would be converted to Roman Catholicism..
by gagotangapatal September 23, 2007
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