24 definitions by g-money

To arrive fast,Speeding..
This nigga came bombin down the corner at like 120Mph,then crashed
by G-Money December 13, 2004
this is when a group of people take funky fat hack pack child porn junky monkey and just start to beat him down and watch his hilarious fighting antics
L-dizzle "Arite, when he comes out of the room, lets have a funk-a-thon"

G-money "Ok lets tron that packer"
by G-money November 11, 2004
An expletive used to express disdain, dismay, or extreme discomfort or pain. Used in situations where certain four-letter expletives are not appropriate, such as around children, at work, or during sensitive situations.
1. Schmuggalugga! The ATM took my card, Gabbie!

2. Schmuggalugga... it's cold out today.

3. I just lost another whitelist! Schmuggalugga....
by G-Money March 04, 2009
to masterbate
yo i'll be there in about 45 minutes... i gotta cook some pizza pops first
by G-Money May 02, 2004
That hottie with the ghetto ass out west
meanie is one fine shawty
by g-money April 07, 2003
A dis term 4 6 deuce.
Man fucK dem bitcKh ass dukeys
by G-MONEY December 10, 2004
Police,or any authority figure with power to lock up or imprision.
Yo,G-money just got bopped by the d-boys
by G-Money December 13, 2004

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