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A revered and highly respected musician within the Metal genre. Metal Gods are often classically trained and will sometimes listen to classical composers like Beethoven and Wagner almost as much as they listen to their favorite bands. They usually play more than one instrument and have an almost instinctive understanding of music theory.

Within the Metal genre, God-status is earned through hard work, talent and skill. However, the status of a musician is based on personal preference of the listener. Where one person may say a particular artist is a god, someone else probably disagrees.
The band's new album will blow you away...These guys are total Metal Gods!
by fyrwulf13 July 30, 2011
The word "Satan" comes from the Hebrew word "sataan" and the Arabic word "shaitan", both of which mean "adversary". It became popular during the medieval era and was used to refer to members of society who failed to conform to what was acceptable at the time. For example, people who behaved aggressively or inappropriately in public were referred to as Satan. Because of the definition and usage of it, the term was adopted into Christianity to refer to the devil. Due to the slight change in definition, the practice of saying social undesirables were Satan changed to accusing them of being devil worshipers or Satanists.

The word "Satanist" is no longer associated to worshiping the devil--not among younger generations anyway. It now refers to people who are aggressively atheist. The reason for this is that some people who are pressured about religion get very defensive about their choices. The result is some extremely hostile and adversarial behavior. Satanists are opposed to organized religion and feel that people should make their own decisions in their lives.

Satanists use Satanic terminology in reference to the Hebrew word for adversary, not the Christian word for the devil.
The word "Satanist" comes from the Hebrew and Arabic words for "adversary" and refers to a specific type of atheist philosophy.
by fyrwulf13 July 31, 2011
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