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The act of being blocked out in a gaming competition by your own partner, one who couldn't "keep it in his pants" when needed.
My team had a good chance in the S.T.E.I., but my partner t4nd4r'd me for eight straight intervals, so I just blew up.
by futiles September 08, 2010
Hijacking your spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend online account (Facebook/Twitter/etc) that has been left logged in and unlocked (Laptop/Phone/Tablet) to post funny messages as them.
I forgot to lock my iPhone and my wife Spouse-Jacked my Facebook account.
by futiles September 05, 2010
When the awesomeness of the internet has grabbed your attention, things have gotten very interstetting.
The S.T.E.I. sure was interstetting this week with a team using a bonus and still getting a strike.
by futiles November 28, 2010

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