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Another spelling for sexy, especially if sexy isn't available as a nick name, or part of it. May also be a 'cuter' version of sexy (for a girl). Obviously only used in text chat etc.
Sexiegirl: Hi
Beefie: Hi Sexiegirl, did someone get sexygirl already?
Sexiegirl: Yeah, but I'm still v hot though ;)
Beefie: Cool babe

That's sexie
Aw, you are so cute
by furryfur August 26, 2007
A human who likes to be a cat, like a furry. Mostly girls that like to be cats and stuff, related to anime, but use can just be furry cat girls in English, maybe a sex thing, but a mostly just for amusement.
I am 100% neko at heart!
Wow, you are a sexy cat huh?
Yeah, I am a cat!
Sweet, want cat sex?
Yes of course!
by furryfur August 06, 2007
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