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A woman who looks attractive from a distance, but up close needs a lot of work done in order to actually be attractive
Man, she was like a wooden boat...looked good from a distance, but up close you can tell she was in need of more than just paint and varnish
by Furry Trout December 23, 2008
The process of going from a calm state of being to an out of control lunatic via a carefully tread 6-step process that moves from calm to agitated into masked anger, then irritability on to retaliatory, followed by irrational and concluding with explosive
Did you see Claire Faulknerize Sam earlier today? They could hear her three floors down. Man Claire moved through the six steps like a border collie in a weave pole contest.
by Furry Trout March 18, 2010
The change in complexion a co-worker returns to the office with after spending an Alternative Work Arrangement day out on the beach instead of doing actual work.
Did you see Jeff's awatan after he came back from the FIBA conference in Florida?
by Furry Trout February 23, 2010
Measures the maximum amount of time an individual can spend grooming and preening in a public restroom before arousing suspicion
Man, Dinino blew the top off the binometer! He must have spent 20 minutes feathering his hair in the restroom today.
by Furry Trout December 15, 2009
When your boss decides to manage up by taking on more responsibility than the department has a reasonable expectation of completing, and then dumps the work on his/her subordinates which is followed by an expeditious dive into his/her office to avoid the pending fallout.
Can you believe Jeff’s latest dump and dive? There’s no way we’re going to be able to get all that done without installing a shower and some Murphy beds in the office.
by Furry Trout April 01, 2010
1) A person who always calls you by name in a public bathroom
2) A person who insists on talking to you in a public bathroom, either at the urinal or through the stall door
3) A person who follows you into a public restroom to continue a conversation
4) A person who answers their cell phone will using the urinal or sitting in the stall
I can't believe Boy Wonder followed me into the restroom to talk about his life-long dreams of a beach house, ferrari, cage diving with great whites, visiting the oval office, meeting a president and swimming with a killer whale at Sea World; what a batorator.
by furry trout March 24, 2010
The excrutiating pain a man receives when his boss cancels a meeting that would have the boss offsite for the remainder of the afternoon
Glenn got Blue Boss'd when Jeff canceled his meeting in the city. Now he has to deal with him the rest of the afternoon.
by Furry Trout February 08, 2010
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