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16 definitions by furry trout

A condition reached after much initial exuberance about the prospect of hiring additional staff, only to be worn down by a plethora of mediocre, under-qualified or part-time insane candidates, leaving the interviewer with the beer goggle equivalent mentality that even a sub-par candidate late in the system has some great appeal that derives more from a desire to get the process completed than from finding the correct person to hire
Jim is definitely experiencing Interview Fatigue Syndrome. The last candidate he wanted to hire actual wore green socks outside his suit pants.
by Furry Trout November 23, 2010
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The process of assuming the lingual practice of using too many adjectives to describe something, which stems from spending too much time either in an offshore subcontinent office or conversing with individuals from said office.
Mike demonstrated that his indiafication is nearing completion when he described his latest privacy issue as “surprising, jaw-dropping, shocking really” at the seniors meeting today.
by Furry Trout January 26, 2012
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